Stem Cell Procedures Utilize C-Arms

Mobile Fluoroscopy Benefits Stem Cell Therapy and Research 

Stem cell therapy, treatments and procedures are gaining wider acceptance because they a...

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Find Complete Temporary Mobile Fluoroscopy Rental Solutions

Kraft Medical Offers Complete Short Term Mobile Fluoroscopy Solutions, Including Rad Tech Staffing

Mobile C-arm machines are used daily to improve and to save lives, and a growing number of unique ...

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Which C-Arm Do I Need?

Which C-Arm would best serve my practice?

To answer this question, focus on the procedures for which the medical equipment will be employed. Cardiac? Urology? Pain Management?

Once these parameters have b...

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Kraft Medical C-Arm Repair Services

The need for repairs on your medical imaging equipment is inevitable. All brands and manufacturers require replacement parts and routine maintenance to ensure that your c-arm remains in operating condition. At Kraft Medical, we understand the...

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4 Most Frequent C-Arm Malfunctions and Solutions

C-arm machines represent a significant capital investment.  Although you ensure your medical imaging equipment receives proper maintenance,  medical imaging devices can nonetheless experience unexpected malfunctions. To give you an idea of...

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